Productive Day is Productive

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slim shed

Slim shed

While today was particularly productive, this whole weekend has been pretty awesome.

Over most of the weekend we continued building the slim shed and have assembled the first half of the frame in place, and made a make-shift roof out of tarpaulin. There’s still the other half of the frame to go (including adding a floor to both halves), and the roof, but I think this is good progress.

We also went sloe picking. Tom was worried we’d left it too late but there were loads of the things! We now have two carrier bags filled with sloes in our freezer. Next task: buying all of the cheapest, nastiest gin we can find so we can load it up with frozen sloes.

My final productivity point goes to actually getting my butt into the driving seat of a car and doing more than pushing the break pedal so Tom can see which break light is out. I actually drove! I mean sure it was only in first gear and I didn’t use the throttle, but yeah, go me! I always swore off learning to drive through fear of being in charge of something that can kill, but being out in the sticks means without a car I’m too reliant on public transport to be of any use. Anyway, baby steps and all that. I’ll keep having small driving experiences until I’m confident enough for actual lessons.