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Personal entries involving anything from weekend adventures to crafting and baking escapades. Warning: may contain rants.

Life Update

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So, although I had planned on starting C# again this year, I may have gotten a little distracted with video games. Four came out all at the same time and I’ve been playing them all the hours that I have free. I started with the latest Metal Gear Solid. I’d got pretty far in with[…] Read the full article.


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So the interview date for the website coordinator job I applied for has been and gone. I didn’t hear back from them so I’ve obviously not been considered. This has me pretty demotivated right now and even though there’s a similar position available at the same place, I’m questioning whether to send an application. I[…] Read the full article.

Update 13/10/2015

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Just a quick note to say I didn’t get the job. Tom suggested I ask for feedback and even though I didn’t hold out much hope, I asked for some. It turns out the other applicants just had more experience, which makes me feel better. The rest of this week has been spent working out[…] Read the full article.

Update 08/10/2015

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Quick update on my progress for this week. I’ve been mostly working with WordPress code. My friend’s website that I made the theme for needed a quick check over because of some updates to WordPress. I ironed out all the bugs with that using the theme check plugin to make sure I’ve met the criteria[…] Read the full article.

Productive Day is Productive

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While today was particularly productive, this whole weekend has been pretty awesome. Over most of the weekend we continued building the slim shed and have assembled the first half of the frame in place, and made a make-shift roof out of tarpaulin. There’s still the other half of the frame to go (including adding a[…] Read the full article.