About Me

My name is Michelle-Louise and I am a skilled and experienced technical author and copywriter with experience creating a multimedia product for an international audience. I have nearly four years experience working with online games in this regard, but I’ve been managing websites and content databases as a hobby since around 2002.

I specialise in, and thoroughly enjoy, documenting often complex processes for a variety of audiences and skill levels. You can see a few of my previous pieces in my portfolio of written work.

I like to help other people help themselves and training documents and tutorials are sometimes the best way of doing this as they enable people to find the answers to their problems without having to ask anyone. I find that getting the answer yourself is more empowering and I’m sure others do too.

When involved with the gaming industry – or any form of software development, really – I’ve worked with most of the teams involved in the development process including developers, Quality Assurance and translation teams. I need to work with each team to ensure that I have documented everything, that what I have written is accurate, and that it can be translated. All the while making sure that the strict deadlines have been met.

As well as writing copy I also have editing and proof reading skills. Trying to keep the style of the original author while ensuring consistency and accuracy can sometimes be a challenge but I enjoy it.

Outside of my professional work I make website designs and forum templates. Mostly these are made for free download, or for my own projects (when I was younger and ran a few roleplaying forums), but I have a few paid designs that I have made for friends or associates. You can see some of my best from over the years in my portfolio of design work.