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What does the term "Class" mean?

A class is a chunk of code that performs a certain function within your program. In object-oriented programming a class is a template, or the building blocks, for an object. If you had a class of dog it would contain everything that a dog has such as what type of tail it has, what colour […]

What does the term "Combining data" mean?

Using multiple data sets to improve the accuracy of your results, or to expand the number of things you can compare. Aggregating data requires the data sets to have a single point in common, for example a date range. Also known as aggregating data.

What does the term "Comma-separated values (CSV)" mean?

A plain text method of storing data in a tabular way. Cells within the table are separated by commas, and a new row is signified by a line break. The first row in a CSV file can be the names of the columns but this is not necessary to include. Although a comma is usually […]

What does the term "Comment" mean?

A way of annotating your code, perhaps so that you know what that code is for, or to tell others that there may be an issue with that piece of code that you have not yet overcome. While comments are visible to you, the computer will ignore – skip over – them when running the […]

What does the term "Comparison operator" mean?

A type of operator which compares two input values, called operands. Expressions using this type of operator always return one of two values: true or false. For example, if you were to ask if the number 2, the same as the number 3, 2 = 3? This would return false. If instead you were to […]


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