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This section lists definitions of any terms that begin with the letter d.

What does the term "Data type" mean?

A data type specifies what kind of information and the format it takes when storing data in a variable. You can make your program more efficient in terms of how many bytes of memory it uses in your computer if you think about exactly what you will be putting into a specific variable. Think of […]

What does the term "Database" mean?

An organized collection of data stored in tables. These tables have a certain layout, or schema, telling you what the names of the table headings are and what types of content they store. You can ask the database questions by running queries on the data stored within it to produce reports, filter or otherwise organise […]

What does the term "Dataframe" mean?

A term used specifically for the pandas module in Jupyter. It is a two-dimensional table of any size, with labelled columns and rows.

What does the term "Declaration" mean?

A declaration is where you’re telling your program you want to make something and store something in it. In technical terms, you are declaring your intention to create an identifier and assign a literal to it For example, I am declaring my intention to make a drink and that drink will be tea. In this […]


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