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What does the term "Method" mean?

A special type of function that can only be called in a specific context. It can only be called from an object – as it is defined in the class of that object – whereas a function can be called from anywhere. Note that methods are an object-oriented concept and so for some languages, where […]

What does the term "Method chaining" mean?

Applying multiple methods at the same time – this allows you to run them as a single statement without storing any variables that would be generated until all methods have run. Method chaining only works if the methods involved return the same type of value, in the same way that you can chain in maths: […]

What does the term "Modular" mean?

The idea that you write your program in chunks of related code. Some modules are optional in that your program can operate with or without them. It can make reading the code easier as related functionality is kept in one area. It also helps with testing in that you can rule out the source of […]

What does the term "Module" mean?

A package of various pieces of code that add extra functionality to a product. Modules are loosely related to the original product, in that they can connect to, interact with, and share resources with it. Modularity is explained in more detail on Wikipedia.


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