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What does the term "Object" mean?

In object-oriented programming, an object is a particular instance of a class. Otherwise it is a reference to a location in a computer’s memory that has a value and an identifier.

What does the term "Object-oriented programming (OOP)" mean?

This is, at a *very* basic level, the idea of splitting your code up into chunks and having these chunks interact with one another. One of the benefits of this is that it makes changing the chunks easy to do without them affecting the rest of the program.

What does the term "Operand" mean?

An operand is a term in both maths and programming. It decribes an item that can be modified in some way by having an operation performed upon it. Taking a basic sum 1 + 2. Both the number 1 and 2 act as operands, the + is an operator.

What does the term "Operator" mean?

A type of action or procedure which produces a new value from zero or more input values, called operands. There are several types of operator: Arithmetic operator Array operator Assignment operator Comparison operator Bitwise operator Increment/decrement operator Logical operator String operator Type operator And these types can be categorised into the following: Urnary operator Binary […]


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