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This section lists definitions of any terms that begin with the letter p.

What does the term "Pandas" mean?

Pandas allows you to use tables to store data like you would in a spreadsheet or database. It is a module for the programming language Python available through the Anaconda installation.

What does the term "Parameter" mean?

A special kind of variable, used to refer to one of the pieces of data provided as input. For example, you have a piece of code that makes toast, it might have parameters that take people’s choice of colour, their desire for butter and their wish for jam. The choices available for such parameters are […]

What does the term "Plain text" mean?

A type of file format that stores information and data without any formatting (bold, italic etc.) or special characters. The program Notepad on Windows-based computers produces plain text files. This often makes data contained in the file easier to import into other programs as special characters can often cause problems if they are not supported […]

What does the term "Polymorphism" mean?

Polymorphism is the idea that your class would be able to cope with that without the user noticing. This also refers to your program being able to adapt to the situation it’s in. Basically you write your code to allow multiple ways of doing things, but all those things still produce the answer. A simple […]

What does the term "Precedence" mean?

Precedence is the order in which certain actions are performed. Level Operator Types Operators 1 Primary operators () . [] x++ x–   2 Unary operators + – ! ~ ++x –x 3 Multiplicative * / %       4 Additive + –         5 Shift >> <<       […]


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