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What does the term "Source code" mean?

Your written instructions that tell the computer what to do. These instructions need a lot of translating for your computer to actually know what you’re typing about, but you don’t have to worry about that. Like telling a translator how to make a cup of tea, and then them relaying those instructions to someone else […]

What does the term "Spearman rank correlation coefficient" mean?

Using a rank to describe the relationship between data. This data is sorted from the smallest value to the largest, and is given a rank, known as a p-value, to determine if there is a significant relationship between the data. Data that increases whilst any data related to it also increases is ranked as a […]

What does the term "Spreadsheet" mean?

A program allowing you to organize data in tables, graphs or individual cells. Any value can be adjusted or have calculations performed on it.

What does the term "Statement" mean?

A command for the computer to do something. A statement is like a sentence. This command does not produce a value like an expression does. Area = PI * radius * radius; would be a statement as opposed to an expression as it does not do anything until you use the variable Area in something. […]

What does the term "String operator" mean?

A type of operator which allows you to perform join different strings together. Although they vary in how they are written between languages, the string operators are roughly as follows: Operator Example Description . “my name is…” . “Joe…”  returns “my name is…Joe…” Concatenates or joins two strings together .= “my name is…” += “Joe…”  […]


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