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What does the term "Ternary operator" mean?

Operators that affect three variables. There’s only one of these in C# and it’s also called a conditional operator. You have a statement and provide a value for if that statement is true, and one for if it is false. So, “x=3” is the statement, “X is 3” can be the value for true, and […]

What does the term "Transforming data" mean?

The process of correcting any data that is in an incorrect unit when compared to the rest of your data. When aggregating data, some records may have different units of measurement even though they represent the same thing. For example, temperature measured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

What does the term "True executable" mean?

A program that tells the computer what to do in its own language. Some programming languages, such as C#, do not do this. C# specifically uses .NET CLR to translate your instructions into the computer’s language. Such programs are called Intermediate Languages (IL).

What does the term "Type operator" mean?

A type of operator which tells you how a particular piece of code or variable is stored in your program. Type operators are not available in all programming languages. Although they vary in how they are written between languages, the type operators are roughly as follows: Operator Example Description typeof typeof “John” returns “string” typeof […]


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