Introduction Prifddinas The white brick road into the crystal city Area Tirannwn Quest required Plague’s End Prifddinas, also known as the Crystal City, is home to the elves. The city was regrown from crystal after the events of the Plague’s End quest and so completion of this quest is required to access the city. Before […]

Introduction In this crazy event you’ll find yourself running around in a dungeon full of traps and monkeys, while picking up trophies and avoiding turning into gorillas. Location The Facepunch Bonanza lobby can be found where Saradomin’s war camp was during The Battle of Lumbridge. The entrance is inside the sunken pillar that Saradomin stood […]

Quest Details The gods are returning to Gielinor but something is preventing the arrival of Zaros. Help Azzanadra to bring his god to Gielinor and find out more about Zaros and the elder gods along the way. To Start: Speak to Azzanadra south of the Eagles’ Peak lodestone. Difficulty: Grandmaster Length: Long Combat: Multiple level […]

Introduction Before his death at the end of the Fifth Age, Guthix ensured the peace of the Fourth and Fifth Ages with a magical shield over Gielinor. This shield, built from massive reserves of energy surrounding and infusing the world, was dedicated to keeping out unwanted divine influence. Besides a substantial investment of his own […]

Introduction The in game camera allows you to determine how you see the game, whether it is from a distance or close up. It aids your navigation, allowing you to look all around you for incoming enemies or obscured objects. Rotation The left arrow key rotates the camera view clockwise, while the right arrow key […]