What does the term mean?

Operators that affect a single variable. So the use of – to make a negative number is a urnary operator.

Operator Use Description
++ x++ x + 1
x– x – 1

Note that with unary operators you can have post-increment and pre-increment. x++ is post-increment; the number is incremented by 1 after everything else in the statement has occurred. If you wrote it as ++x (a pre-increment) x would be increased by 1 before everything else.

So, we have:

number = 10;
newNumber = ++number;

In this case both number and newNumber would be 11. This is because the statement increases number by 1, making it 11, and then makes newNumber equal to it. If you did:

number = 10;
newNumber = number++;

Only number would be equal to 11, because newNumber is set to the value of number first, which is 10, before it is incremented by 1.

What does the term mean?

White space refers to the use of spacing within your code or writing so that the text on a page can be read more easily.

For example, when wanting to give the impression that you have created a table.

First name		Surname
Jane			Doe
John			Doe

Most languages such as C#, JavaScript, HTML etc. do not read white space so you can format your code however you like. This makes it readable for you, and doesn’t change how your computer reads it.

However, other programming languages are heavily reliant on spacing in order for them to understand the code. Formatting to make things easier for you to read in this case could mean that your program won’t behave as your expect.