Terms within the subject area of Programming

This section describes and defines terms that are within the subject area of programming.

What does the term "Assembly" mean?

Another name for an executable. Use your source code with a compiler to create a program/executable/assembly.

What does the term "Assignment" mean?

The value stored in a variable. For example if your variable is a box used to store teddy bears, then the teddy bears are the assignment.

What does the term "Assignment operator" mean?

A type of operator which uses numbers to assign a value to a variable. It is made up of two operands one of which being your variable, or an operand (your variable) and an expression. For example, if you were to say x = 3 the letter x is your variable and 3 is your […]

What does the term "Attribute" mean?

Something that defines a particular property of an object and usually consists of a name and a value. Sometimes this is referred to as metadata. Using a blog as an example, you could have ‘category’ as the name, and either ‘coding’, ‘personal’, ‘web design’ etc. as the value.


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