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Glossary: Modular

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The idea that you write your program in chunks of related code. Some modules are optional in that your program can operate with or without them. It can make reading the code easier as related functionality is kept in one area. It also helps with testing in that you can rule out the source of […]

Glossary: Reuse

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Reuse is the idea that once you’ve written a class you can use this in another part of the program, or another program entirely. This is of course providing you have tested it and know it works. The only thing you would need to check is that you are using it in the correct manner.

Blog post: In the beginning, there was a noob

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I am not a coder. This is very much evident in the way I think; I do not have a logical, methodical, mathematical based brain. This doesn’t mean that I don’t or can’t learn how to, it just means it’ll be a bit harder for me in the long run. This is the same with […]