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Blog post: Data Analysis Course Week 3

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This week I’m working on combining and transforming data with details on life expectancy and GDP from the World Bank. The aim is to see if people in richer countries have a longer life expectancy. The data you download from the World Bank is extensive, so to make it easier to work with, I’ll be […]

Continuing from my efforts yesterday, I’ll be finishing week 2 of the data analysis course. There’s not much more to do, but I didn’t want to rush myself to get everything done before I went climbing. And climbing is important too – as an unemployed bum living in the ass-end of nowhere, it’s one of […]

Glossary: Dataframe

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A term used specifically for the pandas module in Jupyter. It is a two-dimensional table of any size, with labelled columns and rows.

Glossary: Pandas

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Pandas allows you to use tables to store data like you would in a spreadsheet or database. It is a module for the programming language Python available through the Anaconda installation.