Terms beginning with E

This section lists definitions of any terms that begin with the letter e.

What does the term "Editor" mean?

A program that you enter your source code into. Sharp Develop is an editor.

What does the term "Empty value" mean?

Variables that do not have a value stored in them. For example, if you want to store the number of litres of water you have drank today, you may have a variable called number-of-litres. If you’re not sure how many litres you have drunk, perhaps because it is only half-way though the day and there […]

What does the term "Encapsulation" mean?

The “making chunks” part of Object-Oriented Programming. In theory, it means that the user of your program can do what they want without having to worry about how the chunk works – just that it does.

What does the term "Encoding" mean?

Turning a source item into code for storage or communication in places where ordinary plain language, spoken or written, is difficult or impossible. For a non-computing example: turning letters into Morse code or semaphore. In computing terms, encoding is usually for storage of non-standard characters such as à, æ or ç.

What does the term "Executable" mean?

A list of commands – a program – that tells the computer what to do.


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