screenshot of an interactive map set in the warhammer 40,000 universe that shows a timeline of events during and leading to the horus heresy

The idea

In 2016 I was reading the latest book in the Horus Heresy series, struggling to work out where each group was in the galaxy. From this I had an idea to create a map that would show the passage of time and the movements of these groups.

I envisioned a timeline at the bottom of my computer screen that as you scrolled along it, events popped up with arrows that indicated movement of particular characters or groups across the galaxy to new events. Each planet, character or group was represented by a dot and hovering over these dots would give information on that location or person at that particular moment in time.

Since then the map has evolved and four years later, although it has deviated from my original idea, it is complete.

How it was made

The blog posts below describe the progress of the project.

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