So I started Googling for interactive maps and how to code them today. I think within about 4 links I’d found a fiddle that gives me the starting blocks for making the map and have it so you can drag and move around.

I immediately made a JSFiddle account so I could fiddle with it myself and save the results. I might have gotten a little carried away and decided to put all the planets and other locations (EDIT: I’ve since realised I’ve been putting in post-Heresy locations, so that’s another feature I’ll need to add in – areas that only appear after certain dates) in there… But I was just so excited to find something straight away, that works just how I wanted it. I love the internet sometimes.

To get the whole thing to show at 100% regardless of browser dimensions, I used this thread. Not one particular solution, mind, but the CSS from jaredwilli and the JavaScript from mathheadinclouds.

When talking to Tom about this last night, he showed me a map that pops out the regions when you hover over them, and I thought that might be a cool feature. This blog post gave me a run through on how to do this part too, and it seems nice and easy to follow so I’ll be looking at that another day.

Technically I’m doing what I’ve always done – taking some code and poking around at it until it works – but maybe I’ll learn something new 🙂

You can see my progress here.