I’ve just uploaded a new version of the 40k map with around 800 more locations, taking the total to over 6500.

screenshot of an interactive map set in the warhammer 40,000 universe that shows a timeline of events during and leading to the horus heresy
Screenshot of an interactive map showing the events of the Horus Heresy
screenshot of the expanded settings control on the horus heresy interactive map project
Settings Control

Settings Control

I’ve changed the way the settings control looks both in terms of the expanded view and the icon.

The icon is now a cog (which is more reflective of a settings menu).

Sections in the expanded view are now separated out with a border which I think makes it easier to read.

I’ve also right-aligned all of the check boxes.

These changes have made this control quite long though so I think I need to rethink how I display this information.

Stars and Anomalies

I’ve added a new icon for anomalies, and using the old anomaly icon for stars. There aren’t too many of these but as the star Viridia is mentioned during the Heresy, I figured it should be on the map.

screenshot of the pop-up marker information feature on the horus heresy interactive map project
Marker information

Information pop-up

Another change is that planets will be linked to their Lexicanum or Warhammer 40k Wiki links.

This can be seen in the notes section within the information pop-up.

This only works for planets which I know have existing pages on those websites.

The downside is that this list will periodically need to be updated and this is pretty time intensive.

I made myself a tool which gets whether a page exists at that particular URL but it won’t tell me if that page is about that specific location, or something named similarly. For example, there is a person named Eidolon and a planet named the same.


I’ve not made any changes to the timeline but I have received information on a potential new source. Combined with a list I’ve already been sent about the order of the books and approximate dates, this list of the people involved during the Horus Heresy will help greatly.

Previous Incarnations

To see the progress I’ve made over the years and how the map has changed, please review the version 1, version 2, version 2.1, version 3, version 4, version 5, version 5.1 and version 5.2 directories.