I’ve not long since finished working on a pair of skinny jeans using the Deer and Doe Safran pattern.

I did make a mockup for these, but it was in a completely different fabric so this only helped me with practicing the construction rather than the fit.

I ended up picking the biggest size the pattern came with, but taking out about an inch and a half on the waist and cutting off a couple inches from the bottom of each leg.

The materials I used were:

Fabric: black yarn-dyed denim.

Notions: zip, button, main thread, contrast thread.

Final Thoughts

Things to improve

The fit is not great. I did try to give myself more room in the seat and the front, as advised by the pattern instructions, but that’s left some wrinkling in both places. I also took in the waist, tapering the excess out of the back seam which has left a bit of wrinkling there too.

The legs are also not what I’d call skinny fit. I have a feeling that’s to do with my pear shape needing more space in the seat and thighs, but less on the calves and waist.

Most of these things could have been addressed by making more mockups and using a similar fabric for those mockups instead of a non-stretch bedsheet.

Things I don’t like

I’m not sure there’s anything I don’t like, there’s just lots of areas for improvement.

Things I like

I really like the contrasting top-stitch I did on some of the seams. I’d have liked to use this down the legs but the order I stitched all the seams together meant I couldn’t do this without unpicking (and I was feeling lazy).

They’re pretty comfy too despite the fit issues.

Next Project

Two nephews arrived this year so I’ll be making some rompers for them.