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This section lists definitions of any terms that begin with the letter i.

What does the term "Identifier" mean?

This term is for items that have a name. So my identifier is Michelle-Louise; my name. The term PI is an identifier too – referring to the mathematical constant π.

What does the term "If statement" mean?

An if statement is a way of telling a computer to only perform a specific task under some circumstances. It is considered a conditional statement. If statments, depending on the language you use, consist of ‘if’, ‘if else’ and ‘else’. You can have as many ‘if else’ parts as you like, but only one ‘if’ […]

What does the term "Increment/decrement operator" mean?

A type of operator which allows you to increase or decrease a particular variable by 1. Depending on the language, the result can be returned. Although they vary in how they are written between languages, the increment / decrement operators are roughly as follows: Operator Example Description ++x ++2 adds 1 to 2 and then […]

What does the term "Index" mean?

A series of shortcuts that refer to large volumes data. Each record is given a unique number, usually starting at 0 (so if you wanted the third row of an indexed table, you’d ask for the record stored as 2, rather than 3, as 2 is the third indexed entry – 0, 1, 2). Indexing […]

What does the term "Inheritance" mean?

Inheritance is an object-oriented programming term. It refers to how you can write two different classes but one inherits its functionality from another and builds upon it. I like to explain this by using dogs as an example. All dogs have fur, legs, tails, eyes etc. but you also have different breeds of dog, with […]


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