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This section lists definitions of any terms that begin with the letter r.

What does the term "Relational operator" mean?

These are used to compare values. x=3 is relational, it compares 3 to the letter x and says they are equal. Operator Use Description > x>3 x is greater than 3 (not equal to 3) < x<3 x is less than 3 (not equal to 3) == x==3 x equals 3 != x!=3 x is […]

What does the term "Reserved word" mean?

A word that has a specific use in the code and as such cannot be used for variable or class names. These type of words vary from programming language to programming language.

What does the term "Reuse" mean?

Reuse is the idea that once you’ve written a class you can use this in another part of the program, or another program entirely. This is of course providing you have tested it and know it works. The only thing you would need to check is that you are using it in the correct manner.

What does the term "Routine" mean?

A portion of code that performs a specific task.


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