Terms within the subject area of Miscellaneous

This section describes and defines terms that I have come across that are not directly related to web design, programming or data analysis.

What does the term "Comma-separated values (CSV)" mean?

A plain text method of storing data in a tabular way. Cells within the table are separated by commas, and a new row is signified by a line break. The first row in a CSV file can be the names of the columns but this is not necessary to include. Although a comma is usually […]

What does the term "Gross Domestic Product (GDP)" mean?

The size a country’s economy calculated by working out how much it produces including taxes, minus subsidies.

What does the term "Plain text" mean?

A type of file format that stores information and data without any formatting (bold, italic etc.) or special characters. The program Notepad on Windows-based computers produces plain text files. This often makes data contained in the file easier to import into other programs as special characters can often cause problems if they are not supported […]

What does the term "Spreadsheet" mean?

A program allowing you to organize data in tables, graphs or individual cells. Any value can be adjusted or have calculations performed on it.