Terms within the subject area of Programming

This section describes and defines terms that are within the subject area of programming.

What does the term "Application Programming Interface (API)" mean?

An API provides a means for one piece of code to talk to another in a way that both will understand by providing instructions and tools. This is especially relevant if one piece of code is written in another language to the other. Some examples being: plugins for a CMS exporting data into a JSON […]

What does the term "Argument" mean?

A special kind of variable, used to pass pieces of data from one piece of code (a program, subroutine or function) to another. When an argument is used as part of that function, it is instead called a parameter. For example, you have a piece of code that makes toast, it might have parameters that […]

What does the term "Arithmetic operator" mean?

A type of operator which uses numbers to perform simple mathematic equations. It is made up of two operands . For example, if you were to say x + y the letters x and y are your operands. When you then ask the computer to show you the value of this expression you would get […]

What does the term "Array" mean?

A type of variable that can store multiple pieces of information and sort these pieces in a specified manner. Arrays store values, sometimes alongside a key that identifies that value. Stroed values can be retrieved at another point, or be modified. An array lets you add new items, delete items and rearrange the items inside […]

What does the term "Array operator" mean?

A type of operator which allows you to perform actions on two or more arrays and their contents. Although they vary in how they are written between languages, the array operators are roughly as follows: Operator Example Description + apples=[“russet”=>2,”cox”=>5,”golden delicious”=>2]pears=[“dessert”=>3, “conference”=>2]   apples + pears returns [“russet” => 2, “cox” => 5, “dessert” => […]