I’ve been having a fair bit of trouble with this week’s part of the course. I asked if anyone had any tips and encountered a few others on the course who are also struggling. The general advice is to just copy the notebook and change the bits that are necessary. This is fine – and […]

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been learning from a book. This particular book is called “Sams Teach yourself the C# language in 21 days” by Bradely L. Jones. I had gotten to chapter 11 (day 11) and while some items I’d picked up really quickly, others were left in the vacuum of Michelle’s […]

What does the term mean?

A class is a chunk of code that performs a certain function within your program. In object-oriented programming a class is a template, or the building blocks, for an object. If you had a class of dog it would contain everything that a dog has such as what type of tail it has, what colour […]