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Blog post: Start of the Data Analysis Course

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Today I started my 4 week FutureLearn data analysis course. It’s a free course that will give me the basics of analysing data, and will just happen to help me learn the basics of a new coding language: Python. I progressed through the first couple of pages very quickly – these were mostly an introduction […]

Blog post: Chapter 2

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After the dryness of chapter 1, we start getting into the building blocks. Yay! This is mostly maths and basic methods of storage, as well as a few pointers on naming conventions and the like. I don’t recall getting stuck on any of this stuff before, so it should be a breeze to explain. Comments […]

Glossary: Comment

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A way of annotating your code, perhaps so that you know what that code is for, or to tell others that there may be an issue with that piece of code that you have not yet overcome. While comments are visible to you, the computer will ignore – skip over – them when running the […]