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Glossary: Name error

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A type of error. This is when the computer doesn’t know of any variable with that name. Usually this happens when you’ve misspelled a variable (even if the letters are correct – the capitalisation must be exact too), or haven’t declared it (stated what you’re going to put in it).

Glossary: Syntax error

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This is a type of error for when the computer doesn’t understand the line of code. This can be caused by adding a comma or brace in the wrong place, for example.

Blog post: Start of the Data Analysis Course

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Today I started my 4 week FutureLearn data analysis course. It’s a free course that will give me the basics of analysing data, and will just happen to help me learn the basics of a new coding language: Python. I progressed through the first couple of pages very quickly – these were mostly an introduction […]