Handed in my notice earlier today. I officially have two more months to work then, if I’ve not found something new, I’m jobless.

I am absolutely crapping myself.

For some context, I’m not randomly leaving the job and I’m not just making a snap decision. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve been talking my options over with Tom and my manager for a while too. Basically my position at Jagex is no longer needed as the wiki is being shut down, so I had to decide whether to stay on in another position, find a new job in Cambridge, or move to Norwich and find a new job there. In hindsight there was another option in redundancy.

I chose Norwich.

I have mixed feelings on leaving. I’ve spent so long in Cambridge, and so long working for Jagex. I honestly don’t know what life will be like without those two constants. Your job shouldn’t mean that much to you, but I feel like because I’ve been there so long, that I’m being a traitor by leaving. Silly, I know.

When I found out that the wiki was being phased out, I was initially upset. It’s hard to hear that something you’ve worked on, and put so much into, is being stopped. But I understand the reasons why – why keep putting out a wiki when the community do it for you? Especially as I was always going to be fighting a losing battle to keep it up-to-date and write new content for it. It just makes sense.

But I know this is a good move. Even though I was offered a chance to stay on, I honestly don’t know what I would have done instead.

It helps that Tom has offered me both an amazing opportunity and the comfort of a safety blanket: move in with him and find another job in Norwich.

Even with my safety blanket, this is still a daunting prospect – I don’t like the idea of taking the huge risk of handing in my notice without another job to go to – but at the same time I have somewhere to live; time to sort my CV and apply for jobs I want to do rather than something to pay the bills; and something to do in the mean time – be a house “wife”.

So. Yeah. On March 27th everything will change. And fingers crossed it’s for the better.