Another rejection on the job front today. I wasn’t even considered for an interview. It was only a temporary role editing a book for the UEA, but it would have been nice to have for my CV. Oh well, another job came up this afternoon so I’ve applied for that. Let’s hope I have more luck there. It definitely seems like something I could do but it’s very marketing oriented and I don’t have a lot of experience there.

Birthday cake
Birthday meal

Last week it was my birthday, as it was a Monday we couldn’t really do much (it was a school night after all) but I cooked us all nice steaks, made potato gratin and baked a pig cake. I used our favourite cake recipe so it tasted delicious!

I got flowers and money from my parents and Tom bought me some lovely silver earrings.

Last weekend we made a start on finishing off the slim shed. Tom made a start on it a year or so ago but hasn’t had the time to finish it off. The basic plan is to build it in the narrow, but long area at the bottom of our garden between our neighbour’s garages. It’ll be great for keeping our bicycles dry and storing our garden tools.

We spent most of our time playing with power tools, cutting up bits of wood and drilling holes. We also waterproofed the new cuts with fence paint.

So far we’ve built half of the frame, but we need to put it in place this weekend. Once that’s done, we have another half of the frame to finish, and then a roof too, but those need more funds than we can spare at the moment, so they might have to wait until the spring. In the mean time we’ll put a tarpaulin up to keep the bikes dry.