So the interview date for the website coordinator job I applied for has been and gone. I didn’t hear back from them so I’ve obviously not been considered. This has me pretty demotivated right now and even though there’s a similar position available at the same place, I’m questioning whether to send an application.

I spent so much time on that last application and I’m sure that I filled in all the forms correctly. I even made sure to try and sell myself (for want of a better phrase) which I don’t usually do because I hate doing that. Maybe I didn’t send it to the right place? Or maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough to convey I could do that job – and I mean, I definitely could.

Maybe I’m feeling so down because I do feel as if it was a perfect fit. Finding jobs like that in Norwich has been an absolute pain. I’m probably going to end up commuting which means I’ll see less of Tom, and I’m really not looking forward to that. When that job appeared I was so excited that this perfect opportunity had turned up and I’d actually get to do what I love and be able to see my family too.

Maybe you can’t have that cake and eat it after all.

I was going to continue my FutureLearn course today, but I don’t feel like it right now. Anyway, it’s probably not good trying to learn something new when you’re already demotivated – it just makes things harder.

Oh well. I’ll get a hug from Tom when he’s back from work and I’ll feel better. Maybe I can do something this evening, whether that’s the course or the job application. No sense worrying about it.