For Christmas presents this year I decided to make everyone some scarves.

a white label with purple text describing the product materials and the washing instructions
The label

Well, I said the word scarf when I was talking to Tom about the idea, but I actually meant the snood. The mixup with words kept happening whenever I talked about my progress with him. And to make matters worse the word buff got mixed in there somewhere too.

We started referring to them snoody buffs and the name stuck.

several snoods in three different piles with carboard tube labels around each of them
Labelled and ready to wrap

I even made a label for my creations.

Each snood is a rectangle of fabric 1 meter in length, plus whatever width the fabric came in. I’d cut the fabric in half along the width and attach both pieces together at the shorter ends to make a tube of fabric. I used a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine to tidy everything up.

By the time I had made a few and gotten into the swing of things, I think I was finishing each snood in about 2-3 hours.

Each snood, with the exception of one, was long enough for three wraps around the head which gave enough volume for it to look nice. The plain grey one wasn’t as long but the fabric itself was much thicker so still looks voluminous enough.

I made 23 snoods in the end, and they seemed to go down well with their recipients – even if some of them didn’t know what a snood was.

I’m pretty pleased with my efforts, though I don’t think I’ll be looking forward to any projects that require the use of a rolled hem foot. I’d heard they were notoriously difficult to use and although I got the hang of it in the end, they can still go off-piste if you’re not concentrating the whole time.

Some of the images are a little blurry and for that I apologise.