My friend Dave has asked me to make him a website! I’m really excited because it’s the first time I’ve had a client for a long while and a paying one too ;-).

Dave has his own business making graphics for people – mostly beer labels and fliers for local businesses. He had the ability to make the website himself, just not the time. So, given that I still haven’t found a job and have the skills to boot, he asked me to cook him one up.

As well as the design I’ll need to stretch my copywriting skills as there’ll be a few pages to fill with information such as what services 1079design offers and how to contact Dave.

The wordpress installation had already been set up, and Dave had a few ideas of what he wanted, but I was mostly left to my own devices so this week I’ve been looking at other similar websites to see how they do things. I always find this helps with inspiration as well as seeing what is expected for that type of business.

Following my research, I worked on some wireframes for each of the main pages. I’ve sent these to Dave to look at, and I’ll work more on this once I get some feedback.