So I’m sat in Waterstones with a huge coffee and a slice of cake consoling myself after the scariest interview I’ve had so far.

The job sounded good when it was described to me, but when I got there it turns out they were looking for someone with a completely different skill set. That part is disappointing, but then you just treat the interview as practice, right? Sure… if you want to practice being interviewed while people around you did their work :S I felt like I was being silently judged by everyone which upped my anxiety by a lot. It didn’t help that I couldn’t explain myself very well, and I felt I was answering all the questions badly. I just kept getting more and more flustered. It was an absolute disaster! Ah well. You live and you learn. I’ll just have to try and be more confident and not worry about my answers until afterwards. I can be a flappy, flustered mess after the interview :-P.

On a more positive note I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I headed back to Cambridge on Friday to meet up with my old work colleagues and friends. We all went out for some eating, drinking and merry making, and it was just like I’d never left.

When I lived in Cambridge we’d pretty much go to the cinema at least once a week, so on the Saturday we went to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. Bloody hell it’s a damned good film! It did not disappoint me in any way. Might try and convince Tom to see it then I get to watch it again :-D.

Canoeing on the Broads

On Sunday I was back in Norfolk and we went canoeing on the Broads with Sami. It was a lot of work but so enjoyable. We stopped at a pub on the river bank and had tasty food while listening to a ukulele band that happened to be playing. It was wonderful.

We’re definitely planning on going again, and maybe paddling a bit further up river.

I tell you what though, it’s a damned good workout for your arms! Haven’t felt that achy in a while, even after a good climbing session!