Sound of Music Auditions

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A week or so ago my dance teacher friend Sami asked if I wanted to help her out on a community project that she runs every year called the Heart of Gissing Community Theatre Project. She gets kids from the local community to spend a week rehearsing for a play. This time around she was putting on a production of the Sound of Music. The kids learn everything from acting, to singing, stage design and makeup application. It sounded really fun so of course I said yes.

Today comes around and it’s audition time so I spent my day watching some really talented kids have some fun with singing excersises and games. Then some of the more confident ones sang their little hearts out to audition for main roles. They weren’t auditioning for specific parts, it was more to assess if they could sing loudly and had a nice voice.

When everyone had auditioned, three of us picked who would play which of the main parts. It was a really tough thing to do as they’d all tried really hard, but soon we had our list and were able to tell the kids who had gotten which part.

With that out of the way, we tried on some costumes and then read through a few parts of the play itself. We then sang along to a few of the songs. Some of the kids hadn’t seen the film (can you imagine!) so found it a bit tough.

I’m really excited to be part of this, and can’t wait to see the final production!