The 1079design website is finally finished and I’m really proud of it.

Most of the work had been done by last Friday in terms of the main code and the copywriting. I then spent this week tidying up the gallery page, adding some rotating banners and finishing off the filler text.

As well as making the theme, I added some plugins to get the appearance and functionality I wanted:

  • A gallery plugin to make the images open in an overlay rather than a new/the same window
  • A carousel plugin to show off the banners I’d made
  • A contact form

Although I’m happy with the progress I made in learning about WordPress themes there is a lot more I can still learn; there’s only so much that prodding and poking at things can teach you.

Also, I’ve really got to look into making the design responsive so that it will work properly on mobile devices. I’ve put a cheat in so that the website will look the same on mobile devices, but you’ll need to zoom in. Not ideal, but still functional.