Starting Over

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I’ve decided to start to learn to code again. For a little background:

Late in 2011, and after much prodding from friends, I decided to learn C#. I’d had some experience in PHP, making a website at university and my early versions of this portfolio, but I felt like I wasn’t learning how to program, more how to poke and prod existing code until it did what I wanted it to. My partner had bought me a book to teach me C# and I attempted to use this to learn. This didn’t go very well – neither did my earlier attempts to learn Java as my first blog post will (in a rather rambling way) attest. I took a break from programming after this failure, but still kept up with my websites and such.

Anyway, now I’ve some time on my hands (I’ve still not found a job as a technical author or website manager – Norwich is apparently lacking on these type of positions), I’ve decided that I can try again.

I’ve resurrected my old blog posts so I can salvage what I have already written. I guess it’s still useful for me? At least in terms of what programming terms I have already described, but I think I need to start over and refresh what I’ve already learned.

Although I saved my old blog posts, I plan on coming at things differently this time. I’ll be using the same book (if I can find it in amongst all the boxes from moving house) and writing up my progress and any issues I come across, rather than trying to explain every single thing in the book. Having said that, I do plan on making a glossary of terms written in plain English, and I’ll update this as I go along. I’ll also make use of other sources such as Pluralsight.

For the future, I have signed up for another FutureLearn course – I’ve already completed one on writing fiction – which I hope will teach me some Python too.