Quick update on my progress for this week. I’ve been mostly working with WordPress code.

My friend’s website that I made the theme for needed a quick check over because of some updates to WordPress. I ironed out all the bugs with that using the theme check plugin to make sure I’ve met the criteria for theme submission. I’m not planning on submitting the theme, but it’s always good to make sure it ticks all the boxes. Mum’s website — that I also made the theme for — needed the same changes but I didn’t get around to finishing this. It’s functional for now though. Also, as explained a while ago, I need to make these both mobile friendly at some point.

I’ve also been focused on getting my own portfolio and blog up and running. I’ve had a quick look at the template code, but most of my time has been spent trying to preserve the portfolio pieces I have stored on other websites. As I can’t guarantee they’re going to be around for much longer, I wanted to copy them all over to my blog. That was a lot of changing HTML tags and when I finally get around to looking at the WordPress theme again, a lot of CSS changes.

Tomorrow I have an interview so I’ve also been preparing for that quite a lot today. It does eat into coding practice time but it’s well worth it ;). I’m quite nervous about it — as I always am before interviews — but this is more the fact that I’m being interviewed, not that I’m worried about the job itself. I’m pretty confident my skill set is a good match for it, and the company seems really nice from what I’ve seen through my research.