Last week I took my CBT. I am now mobile.

I’d always said I didn’t want to learn to drive – I was in a car accident when I was younger and I think this has put me off. Circumstances have meant that I’ve never really needed to learn though, I’ve always lived near good public transport routes, or had friends who could help me around.

But, given how tired I am from my long days, Tom suggested I get a scooter. He’s been pushing me to learn to drive for a while now, worried that I’d get bored stuck out in “the sticks” (we have a bus every 20 minutes, it’s hardly the middle of nowhere), but I’d been resistant despite knowing it would make things a lot easier. A car just seemed too complicated for me; too different to what I know. A scooter seemed easier to get, and more importantly, easier to pick up as there was less to remember (no gear changing and clutch wrestling).

Once we’d squirreled away enough money, things moved pretty quickly and I went from no mode of transport to trained up and owning a scooter within three weeks.

honda pcx 125

So now I own a beefy little brown Honda PCX. I named her Myrtle and I love her, even if I am a little scared by her. It’s getting better the more I pootle around, but I’m pretty wired from too much adrenaline when I get home – the roads around Norwich are not as friendly as I’d hoped.

Long terms goals are that I get enough confidence to head over to Cambridge to see my friends there, or even make a long road trip up north to see the family. Baby steps though. 40mph scares the crap out of me at the moment.