Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza


cabbage facepunch bonanza
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza

In this crazy event you’ll find yourself running around in a dungeon full of traps and monkeys, while picking up trophies and avoiding turning into gorillas.


location of cabbage facepunch bonanza
Location of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza

The Facepunch Bonanza lobby can be found where Saradomin’s war camp was during The Battle of Lumbridge. The entrance is inside the sunken pillar that Saradomin stood upon during the battle, and a dungeon has been built beneath it.

Points of Interest

cabbage facepunch bonanza points of interest
Points of Interest
Minigame QuartermasterBank Bank chest
Cyan circle Entry barriersYellow circle Scoreboard

Getting Started

safe zone
Safe Zone

The aim of the game is to make it through a devious dungeon for 10 rounds, running from one side to the other. Sounds simple enough, but nothing is ever that easy. You’ll find the dungeon is more like a maze, with routes through either guarded, blocked off, or both.

Each round lasts 60 seconds. You’ll need to get from one end of the map to the safe zone (pictured to the left) at the other end in that time. If all players are in the safe zone then a 10 second countdown will be initiated, even if there is more time left in the round. After 10 seconds the dungeon will rework itself into a new route, and the safe zone will switch to the other side.

Each time you make it to a new round, you’ll receive 1 trophy.

If you fail to make it to the safe zone at the end of the round, you’ll be turned into a gorilla guard and you’ll get to take part in some PvP action. To encourage you to turn on your friends, you’ll get 2 trophies for each player that you take out while in monkey form. You can also get trophies by sabotaging gathering points. If all players have been turned into gorillas, the game ends.

Gathering Points

To get extra trophies, you can make use of the various gathering points scattered throughout the dungeon.

Cabbage Leaf Patch Wishing-cabbage Bush Cabbage Ore Vein
Herblore Farming Mining
To gather trophies from these locations, click on it to skill at it for a short period. Whoever reaches enough time skilling at the node first gathers a trophy.
Monkey Minion

Monkey minions will not attack you, but they will put up a fight if provoked. If you managed to punch one to death, it will drop 1 trophy (to the player who did the most damage to it).


The dungeon is not just running from one side to the other picking up trophies however, there are hazards to avoid or they will slow you down.

wall obstacle Walls are spiked wooden barricades that will block your path. You won’t be able to go through them, so find an alternative route.
Wall of Fire
wall of fire Walls of fire are towering infernos that will attempt to block your path for a few moments. You can go through them, but you will take a lot of damage – unless you have activated one of your skills.
Cabbage Cauldron
cabbage cauldron The cabbage cauldron is a strange thing. If you get too close to it, it will fire cabbages at you that will follow you a short distance. If they hit you, they will damage you so avoid them or get out of range quickly.
Gorilla Guard
gorilla guard Gorilla guards are tough beasts and will actively look for players passing through the dungeon. They can sprint after you but not for very long so you can avoid them if you’re quick. If you managed to punch one to death, it will drop 4 trophies (to the players who did the most damage to it and it will default to the player who dealt the most damage for any remaining trophies if fewer than 4 players attacked).


minigames interface
Minigames Interface

Some of the rewards available to you for this event enable you to activate skills within the dungeon. You can only have 1 passive ability and 2 active abilities. To set which ones you can use in a match, open the rewards interface and drag your chosen (and purchased skills) onto the skill deck.

iron hide Iron Hide
Take less damage from all sources.
PassivePhase 1Damage reduced by 10%.
prey on the weak Prey on the Weak
Deal more damage to monkey guards.
PassivePhase 1Damage dealt to minion’s is increased by 10%.
quick hands Quick Hands
Gather resources in the arena more quickly.
PassivePhase 1Gathering increased by 33%.
gorilla dash Gorilla Dash
While in gorilla form, you will be able to sprint 30% more often.
PassivePhase 1
health benefits Health Benefits
Health restored by gathering trophies is increased by 50%.
PassivePhase 2
riches Riches
Score is increased by 10% at the end of a round.
PassivePhase 3
clear head Clear Head
Break out of a stun caused by another player.
Active60 seconds1Phase 1
flameproof Flameproof
Three times per round you can pass through walls without taking damage for 5 seconds.
Active5 seconds3Phase 1
stun guard Stun Guard
Once every 2 minutes, stun a gorilla guard for 5 seconds.
ActiveNPC120 seconds1Phase 1Also stuns players who have been turned into monkeys.
stun competitor Stun Competitor
Once every 3 minutes, stun another player for 4 seconds.
ActivePlayer180 seconds1Phase 1
light fingers Light Fingers
Twice per round, you can steal a trophy from a target player.
ActivePlayer2Phase 2
giant leap Giant Leap
Once per minute, leap forward 6 tiles.
Active60 seconds1Phase 2
misdirection Misdirection
Twice per round, direct a gorilla guard to attack a target player.
ActivePlayer2Phase 2
runeless telegrab Runeless Telegrab
Once per two minutes, gather from a distance for 20 seconds or until you gather a trophy.
Active120 seconds1Phase 3
quick kill-ection Quick Kill-ection
The next monkey minion you attack will be killed immediately, or the next node you attempt to gather from will be instant.
Active2Phase 3

Monkey Attackers

Monkey minion (Level 18 | Weak to ) Gorilla guard (Level 198 | Weak to )
The monkey minion will perform attacks that deal 1% of your life points as damage. Each attack it receives will deal up to 15% of its life points, with the damage weak passive ability being able to add an additional 10% on top of the this.
The Gorilla guard will perform attacks that deal 5-20% of your life points as damage. Each attack it receives will deal up to 2% of its life points.


Renown is earned for collecting trophies and you’ll get 1 renown point per trophy and the first 600 points earned a day will be doubled. When you receive renown you can use this currency to purchase rewards. Free players earn renown at 66% of the rate that members do.

Note that skills are not purchasable, but can be changed from this interface.

mining skill runescape iconBonus XP – Mining x11 renown
farming skill runescape iconBonus XP – Farming x11 renown
slayer skill runescape iconBonus XP – Slayer x11 renown
seedicide runescape iconSeedicide x12200 renown
slayer wip ticket runescape iconSlayer VIP ticket x130 renown
patch bomb runescape iconPatch bomb x130 renown
gorilla dashGorilla Dash275 renown
health benefitsHealth Benefits415 renown
richesRiches550 renown
stun competitorStun Competitor275 renown
clear headClear Head275 renown
light fingersLight Fingers415 renown
giant leapGiant Leap415 renown
misdirectionMisdirection415 renown
runeless telegrabRuneless Telegrab550 renown
quick kill-ectionQuick Kill-ection550 renown

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Anthony W, Ian H
Designer: Alex F
Editor: William D
Wiki: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Characters: Chris W
Environments: Chris W
Animations: Chris W
QA Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead: Adam D)
Kyle R, Harrison P
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T