Just a quick note to say I didn’t get the job. Tom suggested I ask for feedback and even though I didn’t hold out much hope, I asked for some. It turns out the other applicants just had more experience, which makes me feel better. The rest of this week has been spent working out […]

I came across the Webflow CMS on Ars Technica today and I was really interested in what they were doing. As someone who occasionally fiddles with CSS and websites, the amount of programs and tools I have to help me do this is quite large. This CMS seems to combine all of these tools into […]

Quick update on my progress for this week. I’ve been mostly working with WordPress code. My friend’s website that I made the theme for needed a quick check over because of some updates to WordPress. I ironed out all the bugs with that using the theme check plugin to make sure I’ve met the criteria […]

I’ve decided to start to learn to code again. For a little background: Late in 2011, and after much prodding from friends, I decided to learn C#. I’d had some experience in PHP, making a website at university and my early versions of this portfolio, but I felt like I wasn’t learning how to program, […]

While today was particularly productive, this whole weekend has been pretty awesome. Over most of the weekend we continued building the slim shed and have assembled the first half of the frame in place, and made a make-shift roof out of tarpaulin. There’s still the other half of the frame to go (including adding a […]

Another rejection on the job front today. I wasn’t even considered for an interview. It was only a temporary role editing a book for the UEA, but it would have been nice to have for my CV. Oh well, another job came up this afternoon so I’ve applied for that. Let’s hope I have more […]

I’ve had such a busy and tiring week, but it’s all been worth it. Yesterday was the actual performance and despite a few problems with the sound, I think it went really well. Every day was an early start and a late finish – and for someone who hasn’t had to get up at any […]

My poking around in WordPress has empowered me to poke around with mum’s website and cook her up a custom theme. Originally when I designed it (2008 I think?) I’d made it in HTML/CSS. A simple fixed-width layout with nice bright colours. I even had a splash page for it, such was the trend at […]

I came across this article on Zed Shaw’s blog today and it sums up perfectly something I’ve been trying to get across, but in an actually eloquent way instead of a rambling blog post. The basic concept is that you should have the terms beginner and early. These terms can be applied to anything, it’s […]

I’ve been working on portfolio designs for the last month. I had a cool tea box that I was using as inspiration but I just couldn’t get the right look, despite cooking up 7 different versions. You can see the best of this terrible bunch on the left. I really liked the colours and the […]