Getting memories from a wisp

divination skill runescape iconBefore his death at the end of the Fifth Age, Guthix ensured the peace of the Fourth and Fifth Ages with a magical shield over Gielinor. This shield, built from massive reserves of energy surrounding and infusing the world, was dedicated to keeping out unwanted divine influence. Besides a substantial investment of his own divine power, Guthix redirected energy from the Anima Mundi, balancing a delicate cycle of magic that passed through him, the world and the shield. The amount of energy tied up in the world shield cannot easily be imagined, but even while Guthix slept the barrier remained strong.

When Guthix died, the shield collapsed. With one part of the cycle suddenly missing, the energies of the shield escaped into Gielinor, raining down on it and infusing the land with new power.

The Battle of Lumbridge caused further harm to the Anima Mundi, even as it reeled after the dissipation of the power it had lent to Guthix’s shield. This damage is gradually becoming evident, with a number of rifts – similar to but much smaller than the one in the centre of Lumbridge – forming independently around the world, each reaching straight to the world spirit itself.

Getting Started

Main article: Wisps

Wisps live in colonies of the same type and there are 13 colonies. These colonies do not move around the world, but the wisps that are part of them may wander around the nearby area. The colonies are:


Clicking on a wisp will stop it from moving and it will turn into a spring of energy that will last a random amount of time between 3 and 45 seconds. This time is not affected by gathering from it.

You can gather energy and memories from these springs for use in the Divination skill. You will not always get memories for harvesting, although you will always get energy and XP.

Some wisps look different to the others. These are enriched wisps whose appearance can be prolonged by the first four players (of the correct Divination level and with a memory in their inventory) to click on the wisps/springs. This will donate a memory to the wisp in exchange for it staying around longer. Enriched memories provide double XP when converted than normal memories.


When you have a full inventory you’ll need to find a crater to return your memories to the earth. These can be found near any of the wisp colonies. When you click on the crater, you will be presented with the following options:

  1. Energy: All memories are converted into energy. The kind of energy you receive corresponds to the tier of memory and whether it is enriched. Multiple tiers of memory, both normal and enriched, may be converted at a time. The amount of energy you receive also corresponds to your Divination level.
  2. Experience: All memories are converted into Divination XP. The amount of XP you get corresponds to the tier of memory and whether it is enriched. Enriched memories give double the XP of normal memories.
  3. Enhanced Experience: All memories and energy are converted into Divination XP. You need at least 5 energy of the same tier to convert memories. For enriched memories, you need 10 energy of the same tier. As before, multiple tiers, both normal and enriched can be converted at the same time. As you are using energy to convert memories, you will receive 125% of the XP you would normally have gotten for converting a memory. If you run out of energy but still have memories, this option will go on to convert these memories normally (as if you had chosen ‘Experience’).

Using Divination

The memories that you convert will provide you with energy which can be used in combination with other materials (except when creating Boons, as these only require energy) to make various useful items.

  • Portents – Kept in your backpack, these items provide benefits such as healing automatically if certain criteria are met.
  • Signs – Worn in the pocket slot, these items provide benefits such as healing or moving items to your bank.
  • Boons – These items, once activated, increase XP and energy gain when converting.
  • Transmutation – Using energy and an ingredient such as food or logs, you can create a higher tier of ingredient through transmutation.
  • Divine Locations
    – Once per day you can conjure an item such as a tree or deadfall trap that, when placed, acts as a special version of that location. When used by several players, these locations offer the creator a share of the spoils in noted form.

Alternative Training Methods


The eastern section of the Amlodd clan area of Prifddinas is overrun with shadows that have been lured to Gielinor by the Amlodd elves. They have opened rifts around the area to draw the shadows in so that the elves can slay them and cleanse their cores. You too can vanquish these Slayer creatures and cleanse their cores by offering them to the light rift at the center of the area for Divination XP.

Converting cores requires a different Divination level depending on the core – cores from truthful shadows need level 71, cores from blissful shadows need level 81 and cores from manifest shadows need level 91.

Boosting Experience Gain

boon of flickering energy runescape iconBoons increase the amount of XP and/or energy that you get when converting memories of that tier. You can create them with a large amount of energy. Note that they become active as soon as they are created.
wisdom aura runescape iconThe wisdom aura increases all experience gained by 2.5%.
huge fallen star runescape iconSmall, medium, large and huge fallen stars can be won from Treasure Hunter. When consumed they will add a quantity of bonus Divination XP that doubles all experience received until it runs out.

Training Hints and Tips

  • Gather from the highest-level colony for which you have the level.
  • Make each boon as soon as you can. You may want to check the cost of the next boon as soon as you change colony, so you know how much energy to save.
  • Enhanced experience will use up your spare energy (or energy that you’ve bought) for extra XP. You needn’t convert to energy unless you want to sell it or make items from it.
  • If you see an enriched wisp or spring it’s worth leaving your current spring for it. The same goes for Chronicle fragments.
  • Energy springs don’t disappear quicker with more players gathering from them. In fact, it can make enriched ones stay longer!
  • Gather Chronicle Fragments whilst training Divination, These offer a healthy dose of Hunter XP depending on your level and can be handed in for a further chunk of Divination XP at either Guthix’s Shrine or May Stormbrewer at the Lumbridge crater Divination Colony.

Divination Boosts

divination cape runescape iconThe Divination cape, Divination cape (t) or Divination master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
spicy stew runescape iconA brown Spicy stew has a random chance to increase your Divination level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).
god emissary banner runescape iconGod emissary banners (Saradomin, Armadyl, Bandos, Seren, Zamorak, Sliske, Zaros, the Godless) will give a +2 skill boost to Divination for 30 minutes.

Useful Items

jack of trades aura runescape iconWith the jack of trades, master jack of trades and Supreme jack of trades auras, XP gained in 10, 15 or 20 different skills within 3 hours will produce an XP bonus that can be claimed from Xuan. Divination can be included as one of these skills.
enrichment aura runescape iconWith the enrichment, greater enrichment, master enrichment, supreme enrichment and legendary enrichment auras, you can have an increased chance of an enriched memory being given when harvesting wisps by 3%, 5%, 7%, 10% or 15% respectively.
cobalt skillchompa runescape iconCobalt, viridian, azure and crimson skillchompas, when equipped, offer additional xp when skilling as well as providing an increased chance of receiving enriched memories when harvesting from wisps.
enhanced yaktwee stick runescape iconThe Enhanced yaktwee stick offers a nice boost in hunter experience when catching a chronicle fragment or elder chronicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need any special equipment to level this skill?
There are no items or pieces of equipment needed to level the Divination skill.

2. Why should I level a gathering skill if it does not support another skill?
Although it does not currently, the Divination skill does in fact support other skills. Modifications to these skills which allows for this is not due for release until late 2015, however.

3. Where do I get the skill cape?
For those who achieve level 99, you can speak to Orla Fairweather who will sell you a skill cape to show off your accomplishment. You can find out about skill capes in the Capes of Accomplishment page.

4. Can anyone teach me how to train Divination?
There is a small camp, north-west of the pale colony where you will find a number of individuals practicing their skills at Divination. Among them are Orla Fairweather, Faizan Augour and May Stormbrewer who can each teach you of the various aspects of Divination.

5. Can I use the Divination skill in Dungeoneering?
You will find wisps on all floors of complexity 6 dungeons.

See Also

Divination Related Skills

The following skills help with the Divination skill:

  • DungeoneeringIt is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering andDivination is no different. You’ll find wisps that can be harvested and converted within Daemonheim just as you can on the surface world.
  • SummoningYou can summon a light creature familiar that has a spell that, when cast, means that 50% of harvested divination memories are converted to XP automatically.

Divination Related Quests

For quests that give Divination experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards category.

Divination Related Minigames

There are no minigames that help with the Divination skill.

Divination Related Distractions & Diversions

The following D&Ds help with the Divination skill:

  • Guthixian CacheGet past the automaton guards and offer the memories of Guthix to a light rift for XP.
  • Tears of GuthixIf Divination is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Penguin Hide and SeekHelp Larry and Chuck find the mischievous penguins and you can trade your penguin points for XP.
  • Troll InvasionFight off the trolls attacking Burthorpe and you can earn Divination XP as a reward.
  • Shattered HeartIf you are harvesting or converting wisps you may find a golden rock.

Divination Related Equipment

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