While today was particularly productive, this whole weekend has been pretty awesome. Over most of the weekend we continued building the slim shed and have assembled the first half of the frame in place, and made a make-shift roof out of tarpaulin. There’s still the other half of the frame to go (including adding a […]

Another rejection on the job front today. I wasn’t even considered for an interview. It was only a temporary role editing a book for the UEA, but it would have been nice to have for my CV. Oh well, another job came up this afternoon so I’ve applied for that. Let’s hope I have more […]

I’ve had such a busy and tiring week, but it’s all been worth it. Yesterday was the actual performance and despite a few problems with the sound, I think it went really well. Every day was an early start and a late finish – and for someone who hasn’t had to get up at any […]

A week or so ago my dance teacher friend Sami asked if I wanted to help her out on a community project that she runs every year called the Heart of Gissing Community Theatre Project. She gets kids from the local community to spend a week rehearsing for a play. This time around she was […]

So I’m sat in Waterstones with a huge coffee and a slice of cake consoling myself after the scariest interview I’ve had so far. The job sounded good when it was described to me, but when I got there it turns out they were looking for someone with a completely different skill set. That part […]

So I’ve just heard back about the interview I went to on Thursday and I didn’t get the role. It was another job that I knew I could do but in the end, they wanted someone with more experience. I’m not sure if that’s the actual reason, or if I just didn’t get across that […]

Well, the time has come. It’s the end of an era – today was my last day at Jagex! I’ve been there so long it’s going to be very strange not being in the games industry. Tomorrow I move to Norwich and there are no studios there as far as I know. I’m both excited […]

So, today was my first job interview this year. The only interviews I’ve had have been at Jagex and one other company. So given that I’d only experienced two kinds of interview, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I certainly wasn’t expecting to have an interview in a cafe. The SessionCam office apparently only had […]

So it’s times like this where I really enjoy my job. I got to spend 24 hours gaming and taking part in silly activities. My gosh it was so much fun! The SpecialEffect charity were running their GameBlast 2015 event and Jagex were running the live stream for part of the event. Lots of other […]

Handed in my notice earlier today. I officially have two more months to work then, if I’ve not found something new, I’m jobless. I am absolutely crapping myself. For some context, I’m not randomly leaving the job and I’m not just making a snap decision. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve […]